Current State of Ehrgeiz

Something I'm constantly asked about is what happened to Ehrgeiz?


Ehrgeiz was a webcomic that I had created three years ago that evolved around the world of joshi puro, the Japanese style and discipline of women's professional wrestling. Though the comic only ran for a few months with one or two pages being uploaded a week, it garnered a small fandom that continues to inquire about the comic to this day.

I'm currently throwing around some ideas for a one shot Ehrgeiz comic, but a lot has changed since the comic's inception. One big change is the time frame of the comic, which originally took place in the '80s. The release of GLOW on Netflix pretty much filled the void I had intended for Ehrgeiz, and the show did a damn good job. So while I stew on what type of story I want to tell with these characters, I figured I'd just focus on the characters themselves for now.

I've finalized the designs of the initial Ehrgeiz roster and am currently working on a set of trading cards that will introduce them and their abilities in the ring. The idea is to present the entire project as a work; All wrestlers will commit to being in-character, a handful of which would fit right in with the zany gimmicky caricatures of the '80s and '90s!


I'll keep you guys posted on the progress of the trading cards. The base set will feature 72 cards, composed of character and wrestling cards. With this being my first outing, I'm going to keep it simple. The base set will be available to purchase in full and will come with a box topper. Later on I'll be introducing chase cards through my Ultra Tier on Patreon. If it's received pretty well, I might consider bringing in some freelancers for some bonus cards for the next set.

The back of the cards will feature art, profiles, demographics, stats and history. You'll be able to learn quite a bit about each character, and their relationships with the others, through the information presented on the back of the cards.

So that's the status of Ehrgeiz at the moment. Thanks so much for those of you who continued to express interest in my characters! Until next time!!