June Midterm Status

Man, June is already almost over!? This summer is going to fly by, I just know it.

I've sketched out about 45 cards for the first Ehrgeiz series of trading cards. I haven't settled on the number for the base set just yet, but at the rate I'm going I think 72 will be enough. I've already got a printer ready for the project, I've just got to work on the art and the visual design of the cards. The plan is to launch with a Kickstarter, but there are still a couple of details I need to work out beforehand. As usual, I'll keep you guys posted!

The previews for the new term rewards on Patreon will be posted up this week. I shared a work in progress of a jungle girl themed cover on Twitter last week; this will be one of the rewards for Term 44.


That's a wrap for now, just wanted to post a quick update. Until next time!