Stage One

I've had my domain for over a couple years and never got around to actually building my art site because I was so busy with work. I jumped on the bandwagon and gave Squarespace a try and, look at that, in less than a day I've got my website, portfolio and blog all up and running. You hear people shilling for it all the time but I can personally vouch for 'em now. Not having to run everything through FTP and manually coding every page lets me focus on work that I need to get done. So that's that.

In regards to what you can expect on this blog, it's going to be just like my previous blog. I'll be focusing on works that are in development and art-based topics, but now more than ever I need a place to output my thoughts and this is going to be the platform. If I can obtain the hardware for it, I'd like to start streaming off my Wacom device, but for now the focus is, as always, on the work. Until next time!