BMKB IGG Day One - Funding Achieved



I’ve spent more time on Twitter and social media within the past 48 hours than I did all of last year… This is all new and exciting, but man am I tired right now, lol. I was up all night prior to the 8:30AM PST launch, slept for a few hours, pushed the comic campaign across multiple outlets, did a 2 hour live stream with Jon Malin, sketched out that thank you drawing of Saaya that’s posted above and started fleshing out the draft work on the next couple of pages for the upcoming, now completely funded, first issue of Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb!

Monday, 10/08, was a very fulfilling day for me. How do I even begin to describe the overwhelming and amazing response from comic and manga fans over the launch of BMKB? I can tell you what I am going to do — I’m going to put all my effort into producing the best fucking debut issue I can! You guys have taken the chance and backed my passion project, now I have to show you that it’s well worth your backing and give you a reason to look forward to more issues!

Truly, sincerely, thank you!