It’s been a good long time since I did any kind of writing here. I just made all the necessary changes to the Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb Fan Art Contest webpage and figured, since I’m here, I might as well type out my thoughts. A lot has happened since October of last year…

I’m about to wrap up production on the first issue of BMKB, and I’m so excited about it. I never dreamt I would achieve the amount of success I’ve had thus far with Murakumo Comics, and I will forever be grateful for the support and of the opportunity that I’ve received. I’m thankful for all the new friends that I’ve made too, and am looking forward to future projects that we’ve planned together.

Towards the tail end of 2019 it’s going to get very busy in the studio. There are several announcements that I would like to shout out to the world but can’t… At least, not just yet. Good things come to those who wait, right? I will say that this year has already been my most creatively prosperous and artistically satisfying in my short professional career.

I’m very much looking forward to expanding my business, improving upon my craft, producing comics and contributing to the blossoming independent scene. Seeing so many creators collaborate and go for it, throwing their hats into the ring, has been the best kind of inspiration and motivation. And I don’t see it stopping anytime soon!

BMKB IGG Day One - Funding Achieved



I’ve spent more time on Twitter and social media within the past 48 hours than I did all of last year… This is all new and exciting, but man am I tired right now, lol. I was up all night prior to the 8:30AM PST launch, slept for a few hours, pushed the comic campaign across multiple outlets, did a 2 hour live stream with Jon Malin, sketched out that thank you drawing of Saaya that’s posted above and started fleshing out the draft work on the next couple of pages for the upcoming, now completely funded, first issue of Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb!

Monday, 10/08, was a very fulfilling day for me. How do I even begin to describe the overwhelming and amazing response from comic and manga fans over the launch of BMKB? I can tell you what I am going to do — I’m going to put all my effort into producing the best fucking debut issue I can! You guys have taken the chance and backed my passion project, now I have to show you that it’s well worth your backing and give you a reason to look forward to more issues!

Truly, sincerely, thank you!

Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb

Forced to create genetically modified bioweapons for an archaic occult organization, Dr. Albert Vogel inadvertently succeeds at discovering the means to unlock the limits of human potential. He attempts to conceal his revelation, but the cultists grow suspicious and believe the doctor is withholding that which they desperately desire.

Saaya Volkova, Vogel’s niece, is forcefully abducted and used as leverage. She is critically injured and Vogel is forced to inject his niece with the perfected formula to save her life. The mutagen transforms Saaya’s body, increasing her muscular density and grants her incredible strength and resilience. She also gains the ability to fly and a unique skill to absorb and manipulate biokinetic concussive force!

While struggling and learning to control her newly acquired power, Saaya attempts to fight back and to escape with her uncle. But even if they manage to survive, they will surely be pursued, and just how far does this organization’s influence extend?

My comic, Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb, will be going up on Indiegogo in October, 2018. Below are some sample pages, as well as a cover design I’m currently working on.

(Edit 09/29: Added some new images)

Constant Motion

This year's con season was particularly satisfying for me and I'm still slightly reeling from the aftereffects. Mostly because I'm trying to get rid of this nasty flu that hit me from outta nowhere! But as I'm now able to sit up and simultaneously remain conscious I can actually get back to work, and with even more zeal than before!

Well, the zeal will come later, once I'm rid of this damn fever and cough, ugh...

Anime Expo, quite frankly, sucked! They sorely need to cap attendance for that con as it is ridiculously bloated and ill-organized. Despite purchasing the 4-day pass, I did not return after the first day. I won't be returning as an attendee, but I am seriously considering renting a table at the artists alley next year, as that was one of the only parts of the con I did enjoy a lot. It was also one of the only areas you could move around in without having to carve a path through the tumultuous sea of bodies.

Comic Con was the real game changer for me. It was my first time attending Comic Con and the opportunity presented itself to me on the weekend of the event, thanks to my cousin who is a professional in the entertainment industry. I was able to see and meet so many illustrators who have influenced my artistic life, it was the most fulfilling experience I've ever had at a convention. And this was just walking around the artists alley, I didn't attend a single panel.

Being able to meet these men and women and talk shop was an invaluable and inspiring experience. I've been hard at work on the Ehrgeiz Trading Cards, but there's another project I've been working on simultaneously that will be revealed later this fall. One particularly famous, and or infamous, comic artist gave a speech that really motivated me and that drive has already produced something that I can't wait to complete and share with you all!

There are also a couple other really exciting developments that I have to keep to myself due to NDAs, but this all came at me in the span of a single month! I wouldn't say it's been overwhelming, but it's definitely been a hell of a ride, full momentum in constant motion! Until next time!