Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb

Forced to create genetically modified bioweapons for an archaic occult organization, Dr. Albert Vogel inadvertently succeeds at discovering the means to unlock the limits of human potential. He attempts to conceal his revelation, but the cultists grow suspicious and believe the doctor is withholding that which they desperately desire.

Saaya Volkova, Vogel’s niece, is forcefully abducted and used as leverage. She is critically injured and Vogel is forced to inject his niece with the perfected formula to save her life. The mutagen transforms Saaya’s body, increasing her muscular density and grants her incredible strength and resilience. She also gains the ability to fly and a unique skill to absorb and manipulate biokinetic concussive force!

While struggling and learning to control her newly acquired power, Saaya attempts to fight back and to escape with her uncle. But even if they manage to survive, they will surely be pursued, and just how far does this organization’s influence extend?

My comic, Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb, will be going up on Indiegogo in October, 2018. Below are some sample pages, as well as a cover design I’m currently working on.

(Edit 09/29: Added some new images)