May Wrap-Up and Updates

Here are a few progression captures of the Yasha Awakened illustration I recently finished for the Onmyoji contest. I purposely made him a bit rounder than his official design, and I think it came out pretty well.

Up next, I'm working on the update to my Patreon. All that remains at this point is to create the visuals and upload, but that'll come into effect once the current term comes to a close. I'm looking forward to the changes and think my patrons will appreciate it.

In regards to my current workload, I'm finishing up a commission and am planning on squeezing in an additional submission for that Udon summer comic. I've got an image of Laura on a surfboard that I need to put to canvas! Then again, basketball would give me an excuse to include little bro Sean as well. Hmm, it's something to consider...

In other news, I've secured a handful of rare cards that eluded my younger self back in the early '90s! For years I thought my Marvel Universe Series III set was complete but I completely forgot that the holo Hulk was never in my possession! Completed Series I and II while I was at it, and also secured the chase cards for '93 X-Men Series 2. Also got some NM base sets for Masterpiece years I had opted out of and, yeah, ebay is pretty great, lol.

That's all for now, until next time!